Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pyramid cat

Last night I had a dream that we found a cat in the house. Kind of skinny black cat. She looked at me kindly as if to ask "can i stay a while?"

Upon entering the room later, I noticed she had had a kitten. Already fairly grown, she was a tabby. The calm feeling I initially had about the cat changed, becoming worried for both of their safety. When I looked at the kitten again, I saw she was surrounded by a healing pyramid. The kittens color had changed to black.

My husband placed the kitten and the pyramid on the fireplace mantle. This confused me, I couldn't decide if that was safer or more of a risk. I left the room again. When I entered the room for the third time, I noticed the the mom had a red mark on her back. I let out a little laugh, wondering what had she got in to? Then I looked to the mantle. The kitten (now white) had blood on it's hind right leg.

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